Private Soccer Lessons & Small Group Training

    It takes countless hours of deliberate practice to become a top-class athlete in any sports discipline.  We at Columbus Astro can accelerate players learning through our individual & small group training program. 
Private lessons focus on developing specific areas of a player’s game.  The sessions are carefully planned and structured to maximize and enhance skill development.  They are an excellent addition to a players’ team training sessions and aim to give players the competitive edge required to move to the next level.  The sessions are tailored to highly motivated club/school players looking to progress and develop their games.

Session Breakdown

    Training sessions will depend on the goal of an athlete (or athletes). A typical 60-minute individual session will be broken down:
Physical is a must for every session!
  • 20 minutes of technical introduction (i.e foot skills, passing & receiving, juggling – all depending on the focus)
  • 20 minutes of application (i.e. adding movement, receiving + new technical skill, etc.)
  • 20 minutes of game-related application (receiving, execution, and transition to next step – i.e. receive, execute the move, pass and combine to goal)
For small groups and teams, elements of small-sided and 1v1/2v1 will be added to allow for appropriate pressure and game realism.
We have over 400+ individual training sessions already pre-created for athletes; covering every aspect of development the player will need to continue improving. Additionally, we are constantly re-evaluating our training programs and curriculum to ensure they meet the demands of the modern game of soccer!

Pricing Breakdown

The length of our private session is a minimum of two days a week for three months or more!