What To Do in The School Crisis

Schools across America are changing the way they teach your kids. With little news giving us hope on what to expect in the coming school year, many parents are stressed while figuring out what to do. Should they rearrange their work schedule to pick up and drop off their kids? Should they hire a nanny? Is that safe? What will your kids do to keep them active during the day?
These are changes that are going to occur weather we are ready or not. In the mist of your frustration and calling your mom to baby sit, here’s a couple ideas to ease the stress.

1. Rearrange Your Home

Your kids are used to walking from class to class or class to playground. If your kids are used to sitting in one place to do schoolwork, it could make them feel sluggish. Assigning areas of study, eating, and play, allows your kids to stay on a schedule.

2. Redecorate Your Home

The number one indicator that you are in a elementary school is the smell of crayons and the colorful decorations. We are definitely not recommending you paint your house, but we suggest taping some arts and crafts in the learning areas of your home. For elementary schoolers, the learning environment is key essential to the students. SO, if your working form home, your child will learn efficiently, with the illusion that the classroom is in their living room.

3. Recycle for Science Projects

This idea is not just for students who cannot be in the classroom. This could be a family bonding experience. Inspired by Pinterest, there are many DIY science experiments to try. Though, the teachers might assign science experiments, it would be fun to create memories with your children during unfortunate times like this.

Hopefully, this article inspired you to come up with ways to accommodate for the changes we are facing. Although no one has the right answers on how to move forward, we understand that we will get through this together.